I've had food issues most of my life. I cant remember the last time I was thin. Growing up I was awkwardly big for my age, I was the tallest and although not "fat" I was built larger than most little girls my age. Now I'm in my 20s (and slightly overweight thanks to all things sweet) and I have a dairy allergy and I am gluten intolerant. I love food, but I'm starting to realize the feeling isn't quite mutual. Since transitioning to a strict gluten free diet a few months ago, I've already lost 10lbs. This blog Is the start of a new journey for me. Not just a weightloss journey, but an overall health journey. Wish me luck in this battle against cellulite and mass cravings!

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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ist Official Weigh in!

Well I did it! My weigh in weight was 148.6 pounds. I lost 5.4 lbs these past 2 weeks!! I'm so excited. I havent been in the 140's since I was maybe 16. I havent noticed my clothes fitting looser yet though but I have noticed my energy levels have skyrocketed since I've been jogging an hour a day. I feel better and I'm overall happier I think. My father died 3 years ago, he had alot of health/weight problems which eventually took his life at the age of 58. I think he would be proud to see his daughter finally caring about what she puts in her body and working towards a healthy lifestyle. My highest weight that I know of (i stopped getting on the scale after a certain point) was 162 and although I know at that weight I wasn't severely obese or unhealthy, I was working my way to that point. The fact that I gained more than 20 pounds in less than a year just boggles my mind. My friend always tells me I don't know anything because she gained 50 lbs in less than a year, BUT she also got pregnant and  had a baby during that period haha. I don't have an excuse. Well, that's my rant for today!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Off the record

 I've been sticking to my workouts this past week, eating healthier, and drinking a  pre workout green smoothie everyday. Most of my workouts have been cardio (jogging or elliptical for an hour a day) which I'm actually starting to enjoy alot. For some reason I can't bring myself to weight train for that long of a period because I get bored. I know they are both equally important and I would like to be able to prove my boyfriend wrong and show him I can do wayyy more pushups then him (right now I can only do 1.) Oh and  I have some really good news I think...It's off the record because technically I only weigh in once every two weeks haha. I couldnt wait though so I weighed myself yesterday and it looks like I've lost  3 lbs! I hear the first loss is always the greatest though so I'm sure after this I'll only lose 1-2 pounds a week which is fine by me. As long as I'm no longer gaining right!

Monday, July 25, 2011

I can do this

I'm back! It's been a few. Mainly because I had a momentary lapse in food judgement yesterday and was too ashamed to write about it. Let's just say Butterfinger Ice cream bars were involved and yes...that was plural. Anyways I'm back on track now. I did a little resistance training this morning and then spent an hour at the gym doing cardio after work. I sure hope I can keep this up and not let cravings get in my way. I will be so disappointed in myself if I havent lost a single pound on my next weigh in., especially since I'm only weighing myself once every two weeks instead of once a week. There has to be results!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Billy Blanks kicked my ass

So I woke up all bright and early this morning to get a good workout in before work.  I drank a couple cups of Rooibos Tea (low tannin content so its good for iron absorption!) and made myself a blueberry protein smoothie with the Alive! protein powder I purchased yesterday. I'm not sure how much of an energy boost it gave me but I think for how much sleep I didn't get, it did its job. I then did 30 minutes of Pilates and 10 minutes of Tae Bo afterwards....10 MINUTUES!!!! That's all I could do before I wanted to die....I mean it's easier for me to jog for 20-30 minutes then it is to keep up with Billy Blanks and his sweaty spandex! I definitely recommend investing in one of his DVD's they really do make you sweat. I read somewhere online that doing an hour of Tae Bo sheds 800 calories. Goodness, I hope one day I can find the stamina to go a whole hour. I'm hoping to hit the gym for a quick cardio workout sometime tonight just to make up for my total fail at Tae Bo this morning.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Rainy, Lazy, Thursday

Today was what I'd refer to as a level 2 lazy day! Not quite level 3 because I did manage to get out of my pajamas and into the real world around 4pm.  Last nights workout really did a number on my body. All I did today was 30 minutes of Pilates. I feel guilty that I didn't use my day off from work to do more exercising since I'm usually tired after work and don't work out as hard as I know I'm capable of. I bought a new mini blender today and some sample packs of Alive! whole food energizer protein powder in Vanilla. I've never been much into protein shakes because alot of them are dairy based but the sample packs for this brand uses a rice and pea protein base so I'm crossing my fingers. I made my very first green smoothie this afternoon (without the protein powder) just to try out my new blender and I gotta say I was pleasantly suprised by the taste! It consisted of:

  • 1 Cup of fresh blueberries
  • 1 cup of fresh baby spinach
  • half a banana
  • 1 Cup Original Almond Milk

The smoothie came out kind of thick and had a less than appetizing color, but the taste was really good (couldnt taste the spinach!). This way hopefully I can get more vegetables into my diet. Next time I'll make little changes to the ingredients so the smoothie isnt as thick.

I actually bought it at my local Best Buy store for $20 but it's cheaper on amazon.com

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I'm bringing sexy back (in a few months)

It was BBQ night at my job today and I of course just HAD to work. I may have splurged a little (I had BBQ chicken and baked beans) but I'm not exactly sure how bad I did since I dont count calories.  I have to give myself credit where credit is due because I didnt so much as touch the german chocolate cake (being celiac might have something to do with that though ). I was feeling somewhat guilty afterwards and did a kick ass workout at the gym to make up for my lapse in food judgement. I really wish I had more will power to eat super healthy all the time but I've tried that before and it always ended up with a binge session after a week or so. I feel like I need to just watch what I eat most of the time, treat myself once in a while, and exercise my ass off as often as I can. I'll know just how good I'm doing and if there is room for improvement on my next weigh-in. I've decided to weigh myself every two weeks!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I keep trying to lose weight… but it keeps finding me!

Good News and Bad news today. The good news is I bought a really nice scale that measures not only weight, but also BMI, Body fat percentage, Bone Density, and Hydration level. The bad news was...well everything that came up after I stepped on the scale....Turns out I've gained 4 pounds in the last couple of weeks, no doubt due to my immobility and chocolate binge last week. Then there was that 3 day drunken bender I went on. My bone denisty and hydration were both in the normal range, but the body fat % really threw me off! Let's just say...I'm in the high fat % range for my age and im about 0.3 away from being in the very high range. So depressing but atleast now I know and I can do something about it right now before more severe health problems result. Heart issues and obesity run on both sides of my family. Well I'm off to the gym. Hopefully this crappy news helps me work out even harder.

Here's a pic of the new scale I bought. It was $35 at  my local Walmart but can probably purchased cheaper online. Too bad the number on there isn't my actual weight. Soon!