I've had food issues most of my life. I cant remember the last time I was thin. Growing up I was awkwardly big for my age, I was the tallest and although not "fat" I was built larger than most little girls my age. Now I'm in my 20s (and slightly overweight thanks to all things sweet) and I have a dairy allergy and I am gluten intolerant. I love food, but I'm starting to realize the feeling isn't quite mutual. Since transitioning to a strict gluten free diet a few months ago, I've already lost 10lbs. This blog Is the start of a new journey for me. Not just a weightloss journey, but an overall health journey. Wish me luck in this battle against cellulite and mass cravings!

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I keep trying to lose weight… but it keeps finding me!

Good News and Bad news today. The good news is I bought a really nice scale that measures not only weight, but also BMI, Body fat percentage, Bone Density, and Hydration level. The bad news was...well everything that came up after I stepped on the scale....Turns out I've gained 4 pounds in the last couple of weeks, no doubt due to my immobility and chocolate binge last week. Then there was that 3 day drunken bender I went on. My bone denisty and hydration were both in the normal range, but the body fat % really threw me off! Let's just say...I'm in the high fat % range for my age and im about 0.3 away from being in the very high range. So depressing but atleast now I know and I can do something about it right now before more severe health problems result. Heart issues and obesity run on both sides of my family. Well I'm off to the gym. Hopefully this crappy news helps me work out even harder.

Here's a pic of the new scale I bought. It was $35 at  my local Walmart but can probably purchased cheaper online. Too bad the number on there isn't my actual weight. Soon!


  1. Great work! Look forward to following your weight loss journey! You and I live fairly close and I often head to Spokane for the day to shop :) Look forward to your next post

  2. Thankyou, It's always nice to have new followers. I'm new blogspot and still learning how to use it :) It looks like we're on the same journey so I too look forward to following you and seeing you meet all your goals! Goodluck!