I've had food issues most of my life. I cant remember the last time I was thin. Growing up I was awkwardly big for my age, I was the tallest and although not "fat" I was built larger than most little girls my age. Now I'm in my 20s (and slightly overweight thanks to all things sweet) and I have a dairy allergy and I am gluten intolerant. I love food, but I'm starting to realize the feeling isn't quite mutual. Since transitioning to a strict gluten free diet a few months ago, I've already lost 10lbs. This blog Is the start of a new journey for me. Not just a weightloss journey, but an overall health journey. Wish me luck in this battle against cellulite and mass cravings!

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I'm bringing sexy back (in a few months)

It was BBQ night at my job today and I of course just HAD to work. I may have splurged a little (I had BBQ chicken and baked beans) but I'm not exactly sure how bad I did since I dont count calories.  I have to give myself credit where credit is due because I didnt so much as touch the german chocolate cake (being celiac might have something to do with that though ). I was feeling somewhat guilty afterwards and did a kick ass workout at the gym to make up for my lapse in food judgement. I really wish I had more will power to eat super healthy all the time but I've tried that before and it always ended up with a binge session after a week or so. I feel like I need to just watch what I eat most of the time, treat myself once in a while, and exercise my ass off as often as I can. I'll know just how good I'm doing and if there is room for improvement on my next weigh-in. I've decided to weigh myself every two weeks!

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